XagNetwork Review – A Business and Opportunity Review

XagNetwork is a new multilevel business opportunity based in the direct sales and or, network marketing of precious coins. So is this opportunity right for you? Here is a simple review of the business and opportunity.

XagNetwork is a business opportunity that uses the direct sales through network marketers to distribute its products and is currently about to begin prelaunch in June of 2010. The products themselves are 1 ounce silver Canadian coins as well as other national coins upon request. These are 99.99% solid silver coins that of course is a wise investment with the economy we find ourselves in. The cost of starting this opportunity begins at $5 dollars and runs up to $35 depending on the level the individual desires. The cost of the coins themselves will come at a separate charge or can be sold from a replicated site. For most networking opportunities it is usually best to have the product in hand for marketing purposes, so it is best to plan in advance the higher cost of entering this opportunity with XN.

The compensation plan is simple but does come with its own hill to climb as most network marketing compensation plans have. The commission will be determined by the level at which the individual enters. This system is built upon 8 levels of potential earnings through recruiting other individuals into the business opportunity itself. The largest commission will be around $4.50 and this is where the hill resides. With the percentage that is paid out for the accumulative production of the downline this would mean that it will take over 3000 people in the individual networker’s downline to create a substantial $2000 dollars a month.

XagNetwork is a legitimate business opportunity that does come with a low cost start up. Although they do offer tools such as a replicated website, this by no means guarantees traffic and this traffic will have to be worked for. This is a network marketing opportunity and starting in your warm market will be best if you have no real experience with Internet marketing. For many, business opportunities like this may appeal to the senses at a way to accumulate success and wealth quickly, but there are no guarantees of this and with the compensation structure the way it is set will take a lot of work to create. It is best to do your complete due diligence before joining any online or offline business opportunity before investing your time and finances.

Find a Business Coach – 3 Steps to Choosing the Right Business Or Marketing Coach For You

People ask me all the time, “How do I know if you’re the right coach for me, and if you’re not, how would I go about finding someone?” I have no difficulty answering this question honestly because I feel very strongly that there truly is no competition.

There are three important pieces when finding the right business coach, teacher, or mentor for you:

1.) You have to be in alignment with the person’s message. Does the way they market, the way they present themselves, and the way they speak feel right for you and feel right to you?

2.) Make sure they seem like they have a systematic approach. For instance, I have the Help More People system. They should have some kind of step-by-step process or series of criteria used to help their clients get from where they are to where they want to go.

3.) The third piece is – and this is the piece that makes some people a little squeamish, but I just want to be honest about it – you need to make sure that the person has made a significant amount of money beyond what your money goal is.

If your goal this year is to make six figures, you want to make sure that person has proven themselves to make at least $400,000, for example.

The numbers may be different in your situation, but my point is that there are a lot of wonderful people out there who have the best of intentions, who are calling themselves marketing and business coaches, but frankly they haven’t even filled their own practices.

So again, here are the three important elements to look for when choosing a business coach:

- Be sure that they’re in alignment with your heart and with your message.

- They should have a systematic approach to marketing and business.

- That they monetarily have gone past where you want to be.

If you’re wondering how to get this information before hiring someone… ask them! It sounds a little bit scary but it’s true.

You should also keep these three elements in mind when you’re considering whose advice to follow, even if you’re not working with them directly.

I always choose about three people to follow at any given time, and I let everything else go into a filter that when I have a chance or I have time then I will then catch up on it.

So instead of being subscribed to 20-30 different ezines (which can make your life very difficult), only subscribe to people who fit the three criteria I outline and unsubscribe or filter out everything else.

If you are a business or marketing coach, remember to evaluate your own approach from the perspective of your clients through these criteria as well. The people who need you most (your clients) should be able to see that you are a good fit for them based on these same three important pieces as well.

Small Business Online Marketing – Does it Work?

People ask me, “Small Business Online Marketing – Does It Work?

It works if you work it. You have to know how the internet works and you have to know what you are after.

You want:

  1. Highly targeted visitors. What that means is that if your site is about tomatoes, they didn’t get there searching for saw horses.
  2. The internet is a gold mine. There is a lot of pig iron in the mineral, however. You have to know where to go and how to extract that web bullion. Fortunately, this information is FREE.
  3. Visitors whose “hair is on fire“. They have an urgent problem and THEY WANT A SOLUTION NOW! It is your job to convince them that you hold the fix in the palm of your hand. All they have to do is hand over some cash.

You can get this by:

  • Pay Per Click or PPL advertising although the Pay Per Click is the less risky.
  • Organic traffic which is traffic right off the search engines. This requires a web site, though, and it takes some time for the search engine spiders to crawl your site, usually over a span of several weeks before any of your pages start to “show” on the SERP’s.
  • SEO’d articles which are free and tend to rank highly with the search engines. Just make sure they are optimized and your articles will inherit the page rank of the ezine you submitted to.

Can you see where your small business online marketing can be taken to new heights? Education is the key. Learn how the internet works and you can make it work for you. It is a real work horse in the right hands.

Decide which is the best small business to start and run with it.

Uniforms Strengthen a Firm’s Brand and Boost Employee Morale

Among the critical areas of keeping a well-run organization is trying to look professional, and one highly visual technique of accomplishing this result is to polish the picture that the organization shows towards the public. For example, if each time a repair service’s tradesmen as well as vehicles are considered in public areas, the vehicles are newly washed, following other folks via traffic at a safe distance, halting to let other people within the stream of car traffic and generally appearing inside a courteous style, it helps make an effect. Likewise, in the event the people driving these types of vehicles, arriving to do a service, maybe deliver a package for someone or to provide some other help are nicely groomed, neatly clothed wearing pressed and eye-catching apparel, happy as well as exhibiting extraordinary people skills, the organization in general has a tendency to increase in the real estimation of others within the area. In reality, this bit of info is reported below.

In truth, you can find scientific studies done, some of which you can read online if you visit this link, that have indicated that this donning of eye-catching outfits not simply effectively affect the actual way the general public feels about an organization, but also normally elevate employee attitude and morale, at the same time. Moreover, clothing tend to have the identical type of effect on personnel as they actually do on kids with schools which ask for them. They take away the obligation on the part of the staff member to maintain a workplace set of clothing and also, any current rivalry involving employees which may subtly exist via the outfits that they really do as well as don’t use. Company uniforms not only help further a business’s brand name inside the public’s perception, they also instill staff pride and self-esteem.

When choosing uniforms, an organization should consider comfort and ease, fit plus, physical appearance. The uniform should serve the individual inside the occupation he is executing. Put simply, it should be made from cloth that breathes, moves, feels good against the skin and also which in turn has a fresh look yet won’t need to be ironed. It ought to be produced from material that is easy to attend to and spot tolerant. Clothing seem better if they fit nicely. To learn more about things to consider in choosing staff outfits, click here.

The Essential Laws of Guides Explained

Deferring the Capital Gains Tax Through Section 1031

You should know as a real estate investor that each dollar which is working for your investment is making you money and each dollar that is not working for you would represent the lost opportunity which compound the profits. If the time comes that you are going to put the property up for sale, then you will have two options. The first option that you have is to make the outright sale and get a gain. This means that you should pay those capital gains taxes. When you would pay money to the US government, you are going to lose potential profits or gains.

Another more profitable option that you can make is the 1031 exchange. An excellent way to keep more of the investment funds making more money is to do an exchange rather than make that outright sale. The section 1031 has that non-recognition provision and this means that you don’t have to pay those taxes at once. As a matter of fact, you may defer the taxes indefinitely while your wealth is being compounded by the extra income which is produced through investing the tax deferment.

What this means is that if you own some small investment properties such as duplexes, the values would have increased overtime. The first thing that you might make is to get that outright sale and you will be able to have the benefits of your investments. But, a wise investor who has that eye to the future might make a decision to have a 1031 exchange and place the proceeds from the smaller investment properties towards the purchase of a bigger property that will itself go on to increase in value over time. Through this, you can still make money. Moreover, the money that is available to you from your capital gains deferral will function to increase the ability to go for bigger loans and also improve the potential profits.

Know that the 1031 exchanges aren’t just for the land and buildings. But, it is possible that you make that 1031 exchange on any kind of real estate held for the investment in the business or the trade and particular types of personal property from the cranes and backhoes to the aircraft or collector car. You must remember that section 1031 is excellent for individuals who have the money in the collectibles and antiques like the collector cars due to the higher capital gains liability when the items are sold. You need to remember that you won’t be able to make 1031 exchange on the bonds, stocks and the interest in the REIT.

The next time that you plan to sell that appreciated piece of real estate or a different property, then you should pause for a moment to think of those future dividends which you could get if you make an exchange. You can maximize wealth when you decide to do an exchange instead of sell the property upfront.